Open G Tuning

Open G (Spanish Tuning) for guitar

Open G is an open tuning in which the guitar is tuned to a G major chord. This tuning is often used by Blues-musicians like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters etc., espacially for playing Slide-Guitar. The famouest guitar-player who often uses Open G is Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. But Open G is not only suitable for Blues and playing Bottleneck. A lot of Fingerstyle-Guitarists and Singer-Songwriter like Ed Sheeran, Jeff Buckley etc. are using this tuning.

Playing in Open G gives you a lot of fantastic sounds with easy fingerings, you can not play in Standard-Tuning.



I play different styles of music in Open G like Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rock etc. and i wrote a book, published as an eBook about Open G Tuning. You can find more information and order it here:
» eBook Open G


Basic information about the Open G Tuning you can find here:
» About Open G


First chords, also suitable for Slide-Guitar, to play in Open G you can find here:
» First chords



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Here you can find informations about Open G and other tunings in German: